Getting Started

Setting Up Your Farm

Setting up a farm in Agworld is done in two steps. The first step is setting up the farm:

  1. Click "Create New Farm".
  2. Drop a pin on where the farm is located.
  3. Name the farm.
  4. Click "Save & Add a Field".

The second step is to start mapping the farm's fields:

  1. Map the field's boundaries. This can be done in one of two ways: 
    1. Drawing the field's boundaries. First, click anywhere on the map to create the first axis point for the field's boundaries & then continue to click along the field's boundary to create the remaining axis points. Complete the field's boundaries by clicking on the first point. 
    2. Using the pivot tool to map a pivot irrigation field's boundaries. Click anywhere on the map to mark the pivot centre & then again to mark the radius of the pivot. 
  2. Remove any non-arable areas from your field by clicking "Remove" & then draw the boundaries of the non-arable area or use the pivot tool to create the boundaries of the non-arable area.
  3. Enter the field's name.
  4. Enter the crop & variety that will be grown in the field for this season. 
  5. Click “Save & Create Another” to continue adding other fields or click “Save” to finish.

Introduction to the Agworld website and how to add connections

Planning: Getting Set Up

Creating a season and adding crop type and variety

Setting up farm maps

To access your farm maps, hover over the Maps tab and select Farm Maps

To create a new farm select Create New Farm on the left hand side of the screen. This will ask you to enter in a name for the farm - do this and then select Save.

Hover over the farm from the left hand side of the screen that you wish to view and select View. Once opened you can edit and add fields to that farm.

To add a new field to this farm, select the New Field option on the left hand side of the screen.

You will now be asked to map the field, so on the map, draw a line around the field's boundary by clicking on the map. Clicking the first point again completes the boundary. You will then be prompted to give the field and name and save.

Select Escape on your keyboard to cancel the boundary.

How to map on the Agworld website

Planning: Creating Activity Templates

Applying Activity Templates to Fields

Getting Started - iPad

How to create an activity on the iPad